Live Printing

Pricing Info

Choose the model that fits your event best. We know that your event is unique and you may need a custom setup. Contact us to begin planning your event.

Fundraiser Model:

The gist: We print and sell your custom designed merch to event guests. We take payment directly and give you a cut of each shirt sold. Our in-house team works with you to create your gear and set pricing to maximize your profits.

The Fundraiser Model works well for charity events, fundraisers and festivals. The primary benefit of this model is that there is no cost to the event organizer. The first $500 of sales goes to Good Ink and the remaining sales are split with the event organizer. Expected event attendance must be at least 100 guests.

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Promotion Model:

The gist: You pre-pay for a certain amount of blank items. We print your designs on them and give them to your guests for free.

This model works well for corporate and social events where you want to promote your brand and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Setup Fee: flat $1,200 fee. Includes all setup and teardown time.

Hourly Printing Fee: $150 per hour. Minimum 2-hour booking. We will print for the entire time booked. Setup and teardown time is covered by the setup fee. Our output is 50-75 shirts per hour.

Blank Goods:
Standard T-Shirt: $2.50 each
Premium T-Shirt: $4.00 each
Canvas Tote Bag: $2.50 each
Bandana: $2.50 each
*Remaining blank items can either be printed and given to the event host or returned for a re-stocking fee.


Pre-printing: Our press is capable of 50-75 shirts/hour. The design and type of garment can impact the actual output. To avoid delays, we can print any number of garments prior to the event and print the remainder live. We can also pre-print sponsor logos or other designs prior to the event.

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