Live Printing FAQ’s

Answers to common questions about Live Event Screen Printing. We know that each event is different from the next. We’re happy to work with you to meet your specific needs; feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Can you print on anything other than t-shirts?

Absolutely! We can print on long sleeves, tote bags, hoodies, bandanas and more. The list of screen printable items is vast so if there is something you’re interested in for your event that we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

Can you print more than one design or color?

Sure thing! We can print up to four 1-color designs.

Do event attendees pay for the products?

That’s dependent on the type of setup that you want to have at your event:

Your guests can pay us directly for their products and you get a portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold.

You can pre-pay for a certain amount of blank items. We print your designs on them and give them to your guests for free.

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What will you bring to the event?

– 2 to 3 members of our team for printing, crowd interaction, and fun!

– Our printing press and shirt dryer, capable of producing 50-75 shirts/hour

– Shirts, tote bags, bandannas or other gear to print your design on

– Ink, screens, and supplies for set up, cleaning and tear down

– Two to four 6-foot tables for sorting orders

– Good Ink Live banners and tablecloths (you can optionally provide your own branded items)

What do you need at the event venue?

One standard 15+ amp outlet for our shirt dryer

150 sq feet to set up tables and our press/dryer

Lighting so we can see what we’re doing 🙂

A dry area if rain is in the forecast

How long will you be at the event?

We can produce approximately 50-75 shirts/hour. The design and type of garment can impact the actual output. During our booking conversation, we will determine the right amount of printing time at the event.

Pre-printing is a great way to avoid delays and long lines. We can print any number of garments prior to the event and print the remainder live. We can also pre-print sponsor logos or other designs prior to the event.

How much lead time do you require?

We ask that you book us at least 2 weeks before your scheduled event.

Can I provide my own artwork?

Yes! We can work with your existing artwork or create original designs for your event at no cost!

Recommendations to make your event run smoothly

When choosing shirt colors, we recommend lighter shirts for live printing as dark shirts require an additional white underbase print to make the colors vibrant.

Simpler is better. The best events are ones with just a couple of options. The process is quicker and people get their merch without waiting in a long line.

Pre-printing a portion of shirts before the event can reduce lines and delays. With pre-printing, we can have a large number of shirts for the event and still give guests an interactive experience with the production process.

We need at least 150 sq ft for our setup but it’s a good idea to allocate more space as live printing can be a popular attraction!

It must be at least 60° F outside for our shirt dryer to work effectively. If the weather will be on the cold side, things will run more efficiently if we are setup indoors.

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